Collaborating with NGOs
around South Africa

Dignity4you is collaborating with NGO’s across South Africa to provide incontinence products to the most
vulnerable. The first Dignity in Motion Collaboration project is currently in the process of being established
in the Kouga region and is positioned to ensure accountable distribution that includes data gathering and a
stakeholder impact report. Various small scale collaboration projects are being planned countrywide
and your participation will ensure powerful reach and impact in vulnerable communities.

Find out more by downloading our brochure below:

What We Do

Urinary incontinence (UI) is the involuntary loss of bladder control and severely impacts a sufferer’s wellbeing and their critical social function5. UI can be debilitating.

Across reliable studies in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA), the estimated pool of female UI sufferers is 21% of all woman between the ages of 15 and 100. Worldwide twice as many woman suffer from UI than men, bringing the total number of UI sufferers to a staggering 13% of the population. The cost of the most affordable disposable nappies, per average sufferer, is R14,0002 per year.

This Dignity in Motion plan focuses on the most vulnerable of these, those who constantly have to choose between basic groceries or incontinence protection. Typically, these UI sufferers cannot afford protection and withdraw from communal activities.

Reactivating community participation reignites a sense of wellbeing and purpose with a significant impact on the broader community.

How you can Help

In this implementation, a social investment will provide some of  the most vulnerable UI sufferers in a defined region, with high quality, reusable UI wear. This has the measurable potential to:


  • Release disposable income into the immediate community
  • Increase wellbeing and social function in the community
  • Decrease tension in carer families

Find out more by downloading our brochure below:

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