Dignity4You - Testimonials

By the way for your information, the other ones I bought I sent to Uganda and the user is very happy she can now even attend her church as she was unable to due to the leaks.
Scola Wankya
It is an excellent product far superior to disposables. I find disposables ill fitting, they leak and are far less comfortable.
I really hope that you get well and, on your feet, again soon.
I hope all is well. The waterproofs are a good fit and work perfectly for the old lady.  A dry mattress for the first time in months.
Thank you so much for all your advice and tips.
Diana, thanks again for everything and your service to those who can't enjoy a leak free life.
Arrived quickly and safely. Thank you for the excellent product. I would highly recommend to others.
You have no idea how much you have helped me and how much time and money you have saved me.
My day to day quality of life has dramatically improved. My self-respect has returned. Thank you.
I find the ladies panties extremely comfortable and will definitely purchase more. It gives me confidence to go out. Thank you. 85 year old, Eastern Cape
Parkinson's disease left me with an incontinence problem and I did not want to go out anymore. I now use your waterproof and have the confidence to go out for lunch or visit a friend. You have given me back my dignity. 84 year old, Eastern Cape