How to Claim Dignity4You Products on Medical Aid: Your Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the intricacies of medical aid claims can be daunting, especially when it comes to incontinence products. But worry not, for we at Dignity4You have put together an efficient process to ensure you get the support you rightly deserve. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to proceed with your claims:

Understanding NAPPI Codes and Medical Aid

Firstly, it’s important to understand that whilst all Medical Aids recognise the NAPPI code, not all of them cover claims for incontinence products. Before you proceed:

Check with Your Medical Aid Scheme: It’s essential to verify with your specific Medical Aid whether they permit claims for incontinence products. Each scheme has its unique set of rules and guidelines.

The Hurdles of Claiming

In the past, the process was somewhat more straightforward. Our valued customers could send their invoice and statement accompanied by a doctor’s letter, and that would suffice. However, recent alterations in the claims procedure mean that a majority of Medical Aids now require a practice number for validation, a detail we at Dignity4You don’t directly possess.

Our Partnership Solution with ContiCare

Acknowledging the challenges our customers face, we forged a strategic partnership with ContiCare in Port Elizabeth, aiming to make the claims process easier for you:

1. What is ContiCare? While ContiCare primarily specialises in disposable incontinence products, they too see the undeniable value of washable, reusable products. Hence, they stock our Dignity4You products and offer them directly to the public.
2. The Advantage of Using ContiCare: ContiCare’s notable advantage is their in-house nurse, complemented by an official practice number. This practice number is critical for making claims from most Medical Aids.
3. Ordering Process: For those aiming to claim on Medical Aid, we advise you to place your orders directly with ContiCare. Once your order is placed, we at Dignity4You will supply the products via ContiCare. This method simplifies the claims process, ensuring you acquire the necessary documentation for successful reimbursement.

Contact Details for ContiCare:

• Owner: Cheryl Hawkins
• Phone: 041 365 2466 or 084 500 3820

Even as the landscape of Medical Aid claims evolves, we at Dignity4You remain unwavering in our commitment to ensuring our products stay accessible and affordable to those who need them most. By collaborating with entities like ContiCare, we’re not just offering products, but providing comprehensive solutions, ensuring that dignity remains at the forefront. If you require incontinence solutions and wish to have them covered by your Medical Aid, follow the steps above for a seamless experience.


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