About Us

We care, our mission and products

Our Mission

Dignity4You offers an ecofriendly, cost saving alternative range of incontinence products under the brand “Di’s eco dry’s” and “Dignity4You”.

We at Dignity4You believe everyone should be able to live each day with dignity and confidence. Dignity4You was started to enable everyone with incontinence to live a fearless life.  We endeavor to meet the needs of all our customers and to give them back the control they have lost.

Incontinence affects our everyday lives, and we want people to find their dignity and joy again. With our products you can manage the negative effects of incontinence. We want every person to experience life with confidence.

We want our customers to break free from fear, shame and loneliness and live their best life now.

 Our products

  • Eco friendly material which is super soft and comfortable with multiple cotton layers for absorption
  • Up to 200 washes are possible per garment- reusable and economical
  • Made in South Africa
  • Prevent leaks and is super absorbent (Nappy can also be worn at night with a pull-up or press stud waterproof for heavy incontinence)
  • Control odour
  • Easy to use and care for
  • Wide gusset for maximum support with a large surface area for absorption
  • Well priced and affordable
  • We have a female and male range
  • Light weight durable draw sheet (made of very strong polyester which is completely waterproof with little to no noise from movement)